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   Wall upholstery can give a room or area a special look that no other medium can.Dinning rooms,bed rooms,powder rooms,foyers,and most importantly,the media room;I've done them all.Just think of all the different patterns,colors,and textures available to give an area a special look.Wall upholstery will function as a sound buffer and can hide unsightly wall issues as well.

   There are several ways to upholster walls,but,I usually use two different methods.The traditional way is to apply a thin padding and staple the fabric around the perimeter and,then, apply a trim to cover the staples.The second is to use PVC fabric tracks made specially for wall upholstery.No trims are required and the tracks are reusable.The look is more modern .Either way gives a beautiful and unique look.

Wall Upholstery

I use different styles of wall upholstery depending on what the customer wants. There are fabric tracks which require no trims and are reusable and there is the traditional method which requires a trim.Either method will transform a room into a beautiful haven.